Industry: Transportation, Civic & Public

Services: Market Research, Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Brand Rollout and Implementation, Creative Services


Reimagining Community Transit

After Oklahoma City’s renaissance period, triggered by Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS), it became apparent that the METRO Transit systems image was dated and misaligned with the organization’s vision to promote public transportation as a sustainable, safe and friendly travel option. The rebrand would include a new name, logo and a redesigned customer experience.  We recommended internal workshops including as many internal stakeholders as possible from the board down to bus drivers to align with the new brand. 

The client’s objectives

  • Assessment of current brand
  • Rebrand to align with renaissance in OKC
  • Improve public perception
  • Increase ridership 

We designed EMBARK to be simple, intentional and timeless to connect with its passengers not only visually, but also emotionally.

Color Palette

Primary and secondary colors.

Creating Rider Confidence

The transit system’s new name, EMBARK, invites riders to board a mode of transport for a journey, to join together, or simply to engage in something new. The mark was created from a series of arrows found in the word, EMBARK, which represents the cardinal directions and communicates that the transit system gives the passenger power to move in any desired direction. The first and last arrows point inward and imply an invitation to come aboard.

“Building brand awareness requires a commitment to not just the look and logo, but to the overall strategy, mission and brand story. S Design helped instill the overall strategy and brand story before we ever saw a name or a visual identity. Through the brand creation process, we identified our values and the things we live by as EMBARK. We find ourselves continually looking back to ensure that we are holding true to our values and who we say we are.”

– Michael Scroggins, EMBARK

“We have worked with S Design on a range projects from design concepts and publications to advertising campaigns and rebranding. We have witnessed their commitment to excellence by delivering creative, timely and polished finished products. As a client, they worked hard to become a part of our team allowing them to gain intimacy and understanding when it came to our branding and design needs.”

– Michael Scroggins, EMBARK


in ridership

citizen approval of new initiatives

public opinion


  • The new brand has received national accolades 
  • EMBARK has made the transit system much more valuable to the community with improved financial support.
  • Increase in ridership
  • Award – best bus route map in the country
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