Brand Building, Social Media and Digital Marketing Program

Show up consistently and build trust with your customers, stay top of mind, connect with new people, expand your reach, support sales, differentiate and gather data to support decision making.

Depending on your business needs and size, we’ll talk to you and put together a custom service offering to align with your business goals.

They are customizable, and could look like this…

Digital Marketing Light
starting at $2,500 /mo.
Digital Marketing Medium
starting at $7,500/mo.
Digital Marketing Bold
starting at $20,000/mo.
Planning session and reporting quarterlymonthlymonthly
Social media content and posting* 2 x a week4 x a week8 x a week
Article writing and blog writing1 a month1 a month2 a month
Email design and content for newsletters and/or campaigns1 a month2 a month
Social listening
Social media check-in meetingquarterlymonthly
* Photo library required. Scope and budget to be determined.

You’ve invested significant resources creating and implementing your brand. It’s imperative that you have a continued focus on building brand equity and impact year after year. By creating a customized brand equity plan, you’re protecting your brand image and reputation from drifting off track due to neglect. We will work with Sales, Marketing and HR to create your quarterly equity plan including monitoring communications and materials that are going out, building templates, and training for in-house marketing staff to ensure your brand remains relevant and consistent in the marketplace.

Additional Items

  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Story for day-to-day conversations
  • New Photo Library or using existing photo/video to curate an image library aligned with brand (required for all packages)
  • Creative services – adjustments to your existing assets may be required
  • Brand building paid media campaign (Adwords, Instagram, etc.)
  • Call to action (paid media) sales support campaign
  • Workshops for social and digital marketing