Business Rebrand

This is for existing brands that need to improve customer perception, market to a new audience, adapt to change, stand out from competition, realign with your market, recruit the best talent and support your sales team.

Depending on your business needs and size, we’ll talk to you and put together a custom service offering to align with your business goals.

They are customizable, and could look like this…

Business Rebrand Light
starting at $45,000
Business Rebrand Medium
starting at $60,000
Business Rebrand Bold
starting at $75,000
Business strategy workshop
purpose, mission, vision, core values, key stakeholders, ideal customer and customer journey, competitive environment, equity in existing brand
Brand redesign
electronic files in formats for print and digital + specification sheet with instructions
Needs assessment
(review of what you have)
business cards, branded word document, email signatures, etc.
Up to 5 applicationsUp to 10 applicationsUp to 15 applications
Email template
for newsletters or campaigns
Visual and verbal brand identity guidelines
Social media banners and descriptions2 platforms3 platforms4 platforms
(market research)
Brand rollout workshop
communication strategy for letting people know there’s a new identity coming out etc.*
* Photo library required. Scope and budget to be determined.

How do you maintain and build brand equity while rebranding your business for the future? Our rebranding process begins with leader and stakeholder interviews, a review of strategic goals, changes in your category and market shifts to ensure that outcomes are innovative and align with the future direction of your business or organization. Our process uncovers the inner workings of a brand and facilitates a conversation about culture and expectations. The insights revealed in this process motivate, re-energize and inspire your stakeholders, update and realign brand positioning, brand story, and provide research for a deeper understanding of customers and audiences, the selection of key attributes (imagery, colors or logotype design), messaging, and, if needed, a name change.

Additional Items

  • Brand Equity Program
  • Brand Variations for different channels
  • Best Practice Coaching for In-house design team and juniors
  • Using existing photo/video to curate an image library aligned with brand
  • Customer Personas
  • Marketing touchpoints review
  • Naming
  • New Photo Library Creation
  • Outsourced creative support (extension of your team)
  • Sales, Marketing and HR support, strategy and collateral
  • Signage
  • Social consciousness programs (internal or external)
  • Tagline development
  • Website redesign
  • Workshops to help marketing teams better understand the brand