EXPLORE Healthcare Summit

Industry: Health Care, Insurance

Services: Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Event Brand Creation and Implementation, Creative Services


Taking a Big Risk with a Revolutionary Conference

EXPLORE is a medical conference unlike any seen before in Oklahoma. The challenge with medical conferences is always to convince doctors and their staff to take time to attend. We encouraged them to step outside their comfort zone and created an approach based on having an adventure, in contrast to attending the typical medical conference.

The Client Objectives:

  • Provide education and resources to Oklahoma physicians and their staff
  • Create and strengthen relationships with industry partners
  • Establish a network of service providers to benefit customers
  • Provide a fun, valuable and lively networking opportunity
  • Build brand awareness for PLICO

In this typographic mark, four arrows, representing the cardinal directions, converge highlighting the letterform. It also makes a crossing in the negative space of the “X,” representing pathways to be explored. When designing the website and print materials, we selected imagery to create a nostalgic and adventurous feel that would appeal to two very different audience groups, young physicians coming out of medical school and established doctors.

Shaking up a Seemingly Boring Event

A name was selected that would be easy to remember, demands the attention of potential attendees and establishes a brand identity for the conference, which can be reinforced and increase recognition each subsequent year. The name “EXPLORE” references the new, uncharted territory facing the medical industry. 

Color Palette

A base palette of navy and gray provides a consistent brand element for Explore. The inaugural green is replaced each year with a fresh new color based on the annual adventure concept. The topography pattern is versatile and provides texture. Subsequent years have substituted new textural map patterns to fit the annual concept.

“Our inaugural EXPLORE Healthcare Summit was a tremendous success. The unique theme and branding provided by S Design greatly contributed to the overall vision of a medical conference unlike any other ever offered in Oklahoma.”

– Shari Moore, Conference Chair, PLICO


Explore Conference Annual Customization

Subsequent adventure themes for EXPLORE Healthcare Summit. An aviation theme incorporated a weathered aviators map and the nautical theme brought in a bright orange-red and supporting nautical maps.




attendees return


  • Attendance at our first summit exceeded all expectations
  • Unparalled attendee loyalty – over 90% of attendees return
  • Gold ADDY® Award
  • Educational partnerships established with the Osteopathic Founders Foundation, Oklahoma Medical Group Management Association and Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians
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