Michael Callan Landscape Architect

Industry: Landscape Architecture

Services: Brand Strategy and Positioning, Logo Update, Website Design, Collateral


Repositioning to Attract the Right Clientele

Michael Callan has landscaped some of the most beautiful estates for high end clientele over the last few decades, but he had become too busy trying to balance work and responding to what seemed an endless line of referrals. His problem was determining how to field incoming calls and narrow new work to larger scale projects that were a better fit for his skillset and experience. 

The client’s objectives:

  • Attract the right fit clients
  • Gain market share
  • Increase profit margins

Elements within projects are cataloged and prioritized to help clientele find what they are looking for. Succinct descriptions showcase each unique project by place which helps attract location specific work which streamlines permitting and other hyper-local requirements. 

Getting out of the weeds

We guided Michael through our brand positioning process to get clarity around the firm’s position in the market, ideal properties and clients, and his vision for the future. An extensive portfolio of work was simplified to match the firm’s expertise and ideal clients, and from those we created case studies that fit the luxury estate market, detailed expertise and highlighted specialties. We reviewed the customer journey with Michael and designed a form to streamline new business inquires as well as the interview and onboarding processes.  

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“S Design worked with us to more clearly communicate our brand and messaging, and designed a beautiful and sophisticated website for our business which helps us better showcase the level of landscape architecture services we have provided for over 25 years on the San Francisco Peninsula. Since it’s launch in 2016, our revenue has increased by 30% and we are now attracting a clientele with more refined taste and a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the art of landscape architecture. 
We can not praise Sarah Sears and her team enough for the work they have done for us over the years and we will continue to recommend them to those who are interested in working with a design team that has a talent for elevating businesses to a new level of success.”

Michael Callan, Landscape Architect

30% increase


attracted right-fit



  • Created showcase for services
  • Attracted right-fit clientele
  • Streamlined qualifying and onboarding process 
  • Increased revenue 30%
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