Industry: Health Care, Insurance

Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Rebrand, Logo Design, Marketing Strategy, Creative Services, Publication Design, Event Brand Creation and Management, Brand Maintenance


Repositioning for Growth

PLICO supports and protects healthcare professionals and entities through a variety of products and services, most notably as a provider of medical professional liability insurance. With the company evolving from a physician-only provider, introducing new products and expanding into the Midwest region, PLICO needed to update its branding to best reflect the company they were then and would be in the future.

The client objectives:

  • Reinforce and grow client base
  • Communicate dominance in the current market
  • Develop brand awareness in new markets

Blue was chosen because it evokes care and trust and also ties back to the history of the company. Multiple, strong shapes came together to form one mark, which represent the relationships PLICO cultivates with insureds. A star formed in the middle indicates PLICO is a guide to navigating risk management and liability claims. Finally, a subtle cross is found in the mark, which represents the medical field.

“S Design led us through the entire rebrand process from aligning our leadership team, developing brand positioning, and rolling out the new logo and updated marketing materials. While initially brought in to provide marketing strategy and support to our young Marketing Coordinator, Sarah quickly became part of the team that helped PLICO expand beyond its historical capabilities. We were able to leverage our reputation as the dominant carrier for professional liability insurance in the state of Oklahoma into growth through new markets and lines of business.”

Sherry Haworth, PLICO President


market geography


customer base


  • Helped PLICO expand market geography
  • Increased customer base
  • Successfully added new lines of business without confusing long lasting, valued customers
  • Positioned the company for a successful acquisition by a global organization
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