The Oil Tree

Industry: Retail, Food & Beverage

Services: Research, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Brand Assessment, Brand Standards, Creative Services, Signage, Media Relations, Marketing and Brand Building consulting, Photography and Video Asset Creation, E-news, Social Media Writing and Content, Digital Marketing


Building a Beloved Local Niche Brand into a National Retailer

When we began working with The Oil Tree, they had loyal following of customers that were passionate about the product but a lackluster location, no real brand image, or marketing strategy, and a trademark problem in the mix. An opportunity to relocate to a new, larger, better location was on the table and after interviewing their customers, we took the company through the process of reimagining the brand in a new space. This helped them make the decision to move. A family-owned business with two generations involved, along with a handful of dedicated staff people, we were able to get the entire team aligned around the new brand.

The client’s objectives:

  • Decision to relocate
  • Rebrand for customer experience
  • Increase local marketshare, attract a national presence, build e-commerce
Signage guides customers through the tasting experience, provides education for olive oils and vinegar, and shares pricing and recycling information in a succint way. 
Updated bottles and labels
Redesigned labels use new typography standards and the updated design highlights flavors so they look beautiful and are easy to read. 
Color Palette
A neutral palette with a pop of gold provides a clean and elegant backdrop for a wide variety of colorful products. The gold pop represents the highest standard for deliciousness and quality in the store’s products.
fusti label and tasting experience

The experience in the store is what makes it unique. Fusti labels incorporate new typography standards with beautifully written flavor descriptions. A tasting menu engages clientele as they taste the new harvest of fresh olive oils.

Becoming an Extension of their Team

As a multi-year, comprehensive and complex project, we established an open stream of dialogue with the client via monthly (and sometimes weekly) meetings, to help us all work the plan, stay on track and take advantage of new opportunities. Our team became a seamless extension of the core team at The Oil Tree. We dove deep into the company’s differentiators and customer experience, and made sure that the online and brick-and-mortar experiences were beautifully integrated.


A variety of fun social graphics can be printed for buttons. Staff can pick their favorites and add their own art to the mix.

Social and Photo Asset Creation

Creative assets such as photography, graphics and creative writing are used in social media, the website, email newsletters, advertising, etcetera. 

“The Oil Tree is my family’s passion project. We knew it had the potential to grow, but we needed to really understand our brand to get it there. The S Design team became our team. They took us through a brand audit process and helped us better understand ourselves, our clients and our brand. With their help, we established a strategic monthly marketing plan, moved to a larger location, increased our sales in-person and online and are still growing.”

Maggie Peterson, CEO

30% growth

retail sales

50% growth



  • 30% growth in retail brand
  • 50% growth in e-commerce internationally
  • earned media included placements in local and regional magazines and newspapers, as well as on Discover Oklahoma, a weekly state tourism broadcast

Thanks to Elyse Faire for contributing her fabulous photography to this case study.

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