Industry: Food & Beverage

Services: Brand Positioning, Customer Personas, Brand Creation, Logo Design, Package Design, Brand Rollout and Implementation, Creative Services, Photography and Video Assets, Media Relations, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Content and Management, Digital Marketing and Brand Maintenance


Creating a Disruptive Category

Maggie Peterson, founder of V2O created a unique beverage to compete in the functional beverage category. Her goal was to be first to market in a competitive space.

The client’s objectives:

  • Create a new disruptive category
  • Be first to market
  • Stand out on shelf
  • Compelling message to retail buyers and consumers
  • Own the category

Drops of liquid repeat, creating a grape bunch and a visual connection to balsamic vinegar’s fruit of origin. The V-shaped formation has the feel of rising bubbles, giving the buyer visual cues that the beverage is sparkling.

Getting Clarity on Which Category to Position V2O

We began with a visioning exercise for the leadership team and took them through our brand positioning process including product testing and refinement, creating the logo design and design standards, choosing bottles, designing labels, carriers and shipping boxes.

Testing with retail buyers showed lack of clarity as to where to position this product in-store, confirming its uniqueness. It was decided that V2O would be positioned within the sparkling water category as an enhanced sparkling water.

We then went to work on all touch points of the buyer and customer journey creating brochures, a presentation deck for prospective buyers, product videos, website, in-store merchandising materials, media release, email templates and even vehicle design. We also did a social media strategy starting with existing photography.

Website Image

Founder Story

V2O was created by an interesting person with her own unique story, one that is important to share. We wanted audiences to get to know the brains behind the bubbles. We established creative direction for photography and crafted an authentic, approachable encapsulation of who Maggie is and what she’s about.

“Everything S Design did, from big-picture thinking to buttoning up the tiniest details on our package design, was about opening doors and helping our product stand out to buyers, both wholesale and retail. The team Sarah put together included videographers, writers, designers and high-level strategists and they worked seamlessly with my internal team. It was flawless!”

Maggie Peterson, V2O


A social media strategy was developed with Facebook, Instagram and video content on YouTube. We create graphics, write on-brand copy, provide social and support the client in managing responses.


social media impressions


blog views


First 90 days of the social media and digital marketing campaign

  • Established brand presence through various channels
  • YouTube video: 539,000 views 50% of viewers watched all the way through
  • 508,589 social media impressions
  • Instagram: 464 followers to 2,689
  • Facebook: 5,371 page engagements
  • Blog: 10,529 views
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