Industry: Real Estate Services

Services: Brand Positioning, Naming, Logo, Brand Guidelines, Business Card Design, Advertising Design, Social Consciousness Program


Creating Uniqueness out of ubiquity

Sarah Bytyqi, founder of Verbode, knew her real estate company needed to stand out in a crowded industry. She originally approached us with her company, Green Wise Realty, for a logo design. Her focus was energy efficiency and green housing options, robust digital marketing as well as a refreshing open team approach to customer service.

The client’s objectives:

  • Market differentiation
  • Stand out brand identity
  • Dominate the Urban-Core market
  • Support community connection
A new identity, name and logo

The name Verbode conveys that they are a real estate company specializing in “green” homes without resorting to cliché use of the word “green.” The name “Verbode” is a combination of the words “verde” and “abode,” creating a new word that connects being green with the idea of a home. Green business practices are still part of their core.

The logo was designed to primarily attract a younger adult audience while still appealing to everyone, and it needed to speak to eco-friendliness. The mark for Verbode utilizes two arching trees, and by adding a door the mark becomes a home.

“I invested in my brand first, because I knew the importance of brand. I just was on the wrong track, but you got me squared away. Thank you for doing that. The results are amazing. Our brand has real visibility. It’s unique and differentiating in our marketplace. It feels really high-end and luxurious, which wasn’t my intention, but it just is because it’s beautiful and functional and it does everything that I needed it to do. It sets us apart from everybody else.”

Sarah Bytyqi, Owner, Verbode

“It puts us on an island and that’s like the best possible place to be with a brand. It doesn’t blend in. It is identifiable and it means something, it has taken on its own meaning even though what we started with was something different. It morphed into what it is today in terms of who we are, but it’s because of the brand itself, the identity, the strong presence of the name and the messaging and the logo and the color scheme and just all of it wrapped into one beautiful design that it’s identifiable and people remember it”

Sarah Bytyqi, Owner, Verbode

Building a Solid Foundation

A brand positioning exercise with the key stakeholders led to a new, unique name, Verbode.

As the city’s only Urban Core-focused real estate firm, the Verbode brand represented this one-of-a-kind approach which is uniquely attuned to changing market trends. The company is committed to the community it serves and a better environment. They have deep understanding and passion for the history of local Oklahoma City metro neighborhoods and the historic homes that give them character.

Innovative approaches to community building help the company thrive. A gorgeous workspace is dual-purposed as a well-curated art gallery. Relationship-building events connect patrons, residents and local artists while benefiting the Homeless Alliance. Tuesday morning team coffee meetings are open to the public which sparks dialog and helps Realtors better serve clients.

Founder Story

In business for more than a decade, many of the innovative practices Bytyqi implemented (collaboration over competition, community-driven, a paperless office) have become the industry standard among boutique agencies as a result of her leading the way.

“Working with S Design has been a key factor in building my business foundation. As a start up, the decision to partner with S Design to build my brand was critical to my early success. I was able to launch Verbode as a professional company and compete with seasoned brands. I think having S Design on my team was one of the best decisions. They have strategically directed my branding decisions and kept me from making major marketing mistakes. I honestly believe the brand is where we are today as a direct result of their expertise in brand positioning. I couldn’t be happier.”

Sarah Bytyqi, Owner, Verbode


sales *first 10 years

top 50 brokerage

out of more than 800 in OKC Metro


  • Differentiated in the marketplace
  • $555,948,995 in sales, after 10 years in business
  • 953 sellers closed and 1307 buyers closed
  • 2011 voted most tech-savvy firm in Oklahoma City by the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors® out of 800+ brokerages
  • After 10 years of business, Verbode is ranked #44 in the top 50 brokerages in the OKC Metro Area (800+ brokerages)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for logo design
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