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Industry: Fitness, Health and Wellness
Services: Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, Collateral

Absolute Balance Pilates of Oklahoma, the first pilates studio in Oklahoma City sought a rebrand to differentiate the studio in a competitive market.  Their best clients are individuals seeking Pilates expertise. Absolute Balances provides one-on-one attention from instructors classically and comprehensively trained at the elite Pilates Center in Boulder. Instructors have uniform and in-depth knowledge of anatomy and the skills to increase strength and flexibility, reshape the body, improve muscle toning, gait and posture. In addition, Absolute Balance a Physical Therapist on staff to aid in healing and improving flexibility for clients with manageable but chronic pain. Clients experience improved strength, overall flexibility and health through a lifestyle of pilates.
The new logo is active rather than static and implies a sense of balance. It elegantly portrays the human form in reference to Pilates in an abstract form.