Camp Van Camp logotype

wearable fun

Camp Van Camp

Industry: Manufacturing, Fashion
Services: Brand Positioning, Logo Design

* ADDY Award
* Published in LogoLounge series, Book 6

Camp VanCamp is a casual yet upscale clothing line that features tropical island attire for the young at heart. The audience, though broad in age–from 18 to 55 years–has a common interest in leisure, recreation, play and travel. The Camp VanCamp brand is a tropical destination, where individuality and fun prevail. The brand is known for its custom camp shirts, which are fun, vivid and often floral or tropical. The line of clothing also includes custom dresses, shorts and pants.

This mark is the crest of the camp itself. It is a symbol of the Camp VanCamp community, which stays connected through their attire. The representation borrows from the idea of crests, used to symbolize families and locations, but here shares the personalities of the people who “populate” Camp VanCamp. The spirit of fun and relaxation is captured in the style, which is drawn from tropical influences. The shells personify the individuality that comes out in the brand and the unique personality of the customer that wears the Camp VanCamp clothing line.

The mark had to be designed for wearable application, clothing tags, collateral materials, etc. Heavily influenced by tropical colors and floral patterns, this project definitely made us ready for the beach. Company retreat?