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Cooking Girl

Industry: Food & Beverage
Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral

Cooking Girl is a professional chef service that provides a multitude of culinary services such as professional catering for small parties, cooking classes and healthy menus for clients who want fresh, exciting and innovative fare.

Owner, Chef Christa Carretero enjoys creating incredible dishes for individuals with an appetite for fine dining and cutting edge cuisine. Patrons know their hand-crafted meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Cooking Girl works hand in hand with clients to customize menus that are based on individual tastes and dietary needs. Christa has professional training from a variety of world renowned chefs in top restaurants from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., and she brings a fresh, avant-garde perspective on many traditional and ethnic dishes to the Oklahoma City market.

The brand identity for Cooking Girl has an independent, signature look, reminiscent of a high fashion monogram. The mark is fun and current, reinterpreting a classic fork into a chef’s hat, completing the Cooking Girl silhouette.

The Cooking Girl brand is turning up the heat on a new wave of contemporary cuisine in Oklahoma (and now LA) and in turn, has captured an impressive following. We say Bon Appetite!