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Industry: Real Estate
Services: Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral, Signage, Website and Writing Services

Flotilla is the only real estate management consultancy that gives leaders of independent brokerages the freedom to lead and grow by providing foundational resources: operations (legal, regulations, contracts), logistics, education for brokers and their agents.

Jennifer Arsenault is a passionate advocate for brokers and their teams. An avid sailor, Jennifer’s enthusiasm for Flotilla, a place for brokers to tie up and share resources, was contagious.

In creating a unique logo design for Flotilla, we used a representation of boats from above gathering together to share resources. Conversely, the shapes can also be viewed as moving out from the center, portraying growth as an entity. The boat shape is simple enough to also be viewed as leaves. The proximity of the boats conveys a single fleet shape, representing unity. The icon is both a burst of energy and the flowering blossom of a chrysanthemum (representative of loyalty, love and joy). It is also a floating party. The resulting mark is fresh and friendly.

“Sarah and her team performed incredibly well! They were thoughtful and collaborative in hearing my vision and bring our brand to life. Every concern or idea I had was addressed in a timely fashion and I felt very cared for as a client for S Design. Highly recommended!!” – Jennifer Arsenault