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a pioneering law firm

Fulmer Group

Industry: Professional Services, Legal
Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral, Photography and Video Assets, Website, Social Media 

Fulmer Group was founded by Simone Gosnell Fulmer and is comprised of a passionate and collaborative group of individuals committed to serving the community in the areas of insurance bad faith, personal injury, mass torts and other claims.

Our team was excited to help this pioneering law firm discover its brand. Our process started with a thoughtful dive into the minds that make up Fulmer Group to understand their perspectives and their missions. We understood that this was not your average law firm, but a truly progressive group dedicated to restoring faith where it is needed most – the justice system.

A logo and logotype were created for Fulmer Group. The logo design demonstrates the intricacy of law and the collaboration of Fulmer Group’s team through the overlapping of F and the G letterforms to form an abstract monogram. This mark embodies the intricate skills of the attorneys. If you look closely, you can find a loophole, something Fulmer Group does routinely. The logotype conveys strength in its solid, classic letterforms.

A revolutionary firm with a socially conscious mindset, Fulmer Group roots its cause in our community and justice.