Harold Hamm Diabetes Center logo

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Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

Industry: Health Care
Services: Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral

The new logo for the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center needed to be simple and easy to use as it would often be used alongside the OU Medical Center logo. The new needed to be attractive, professional and progressive without feeling overly high-tech or pharmaceutical. 

This new mark is an H. Multiple shapes come together to create the form, suggesting the multiple aspects that comprise the Center. The H shape is influenced by a combination of a chromosome pair, as diagrammed in a genome, and the cross-cut X of a DNA helix. The design is crafted to convey stability, as well as simplified and made heavier to work well with the OU and OU Medicine logos; the crossbar suggests the Center as a bridge to the diabetes community, but also feels progressive and medical. Some of us even see people in the mark, working together. 

Blue was selected for the logo as it is comforting, conveys heath care, and is the color of diabetes awareness