Lumir logo

peace of mind


Industry: Heath Care, Pharmaceutical
Services: Brand Positioning, Research, Naming, Logo Design

Lumir, an Oklahoma-based medical cannabis grower, produces high-quality consistent flower products with open record, trackable batch test data for reliable treatment options. Lumir provides peace of mind for doctors/prescribers and patients. It was important to the leadership team that the new name and the logo reflect these qualities. 
The name Lumir is rooted in light and conveys healing. Throughout history, doctors have prescribed the healing powers of the sun to improve health physically and psychologically. 
The logo for Lumir is both a sun and a lion. The sun creates light and is symbolic of energy and power, renewal and healing. The composition of the sun’s rays in this mark conveys an agricultural feel, like grass or crops in a field and the mane of a lion. Lions are symbols of strength, courage and overcoming difficulties. Lions are emblematic of nobility and kings and are protectors. The overall feel is friendly and calming.