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protective and strong

Mazaheri Law Firm

Industry: Professional Services, Legal
Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral

*ADDY Award

Mazaheri Law Firm offers legal services and representation in the areas of employment, immigration, family law and bankruptcy. The firm is multi-ethnic and bilingual and is well-regarded for knowledge in a wide range of legal issues. Their approach is compassionate and client-centered. approach. Consequently, Mazaheri’s services are beneficial to a diverse clientele.

The mark for Mazaheri needed to align with the qualities of the firm: professional, classic and authoritative, yet also very approachable. It was also important to communicate diversity—found in the areas of practice, the client base and the lawyers themselves—without focusing on any specific practice area.

The Mazaheri mark is the combination of a condor and a stylized M. The Andean condor, the national symbol of Colombia, as well as many other South American countries, is known as the eternal bird, symbolizing liberty, sovereignty and power. In the M shape, it simultaneously pushes itself to greater heights while enfolding its enormous wings (10-foot wingspan!) to shelter and shield those less powerful. The use of the condor applies specifically to Mazaheri’s diverse background and celebrates the principal’s own cultural heritage. Simultaneously, the condor emphasizes the firm’s formidable strength as a bird of prey, as well as its unbending compassion as a symbol for shelter and protection.

With such a unique and personalized mark, the name of the Mazaheri Law Firm carries with it the power and mystique of the Andean condor.