Oklahoma Heritage Association and Museum logo

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Oklahoma Heritage Association and Museum

Industry: Arts & Entertainment
Services: Brand Positioning, Leadership Team Alignment, Logo Design, Collateral Design

We were honored to create a brand that would celebrate the 80-year history of the Oklahoma Heritage Association and the 100-year history of the state of Oklahoma, telling Oklahoma’s story in a very unique and modern manner. The brand had to strike a careful balance between the old and the new, and imply the group’s focus on people in the state’s past and present. In an effort to appeal to a younger generation of supporters, the mark had to create a sense of fresh enthusiasm and pride, and present the Association and Museum as approachable and relevant to all Oklahomans, regardless of where they live. The organization had already won over the support of an older, more established audience; the new brand could not abandon this group, but needed to speak powerfully to a younger, more diverse support base.

We explored the shape of a wreath or an “o” to visually relate the new mark to the Association’s first logo, a mistletoe wreath, and incorporated wheat, one of the most celebrated symbols of Oklahoma’s history. From that exploration, we created a monogram, a tradition of familial pride and connection, that represents OHA and its mission to relate the stories of individuals from our past to a younger generation who will shape our future. The monogram is a symbol suggesting OHA’s commitment to excellence and collective history of perseverance, pioneer spirit, individualism, generosity and optimism.

The final mark has been implemented into the museum’s stationery design, promotional materials, museum signage and used as a special series for event promotion.

The re-brand will help carry Oklahoma’s legacy for generations. We’re so proud of our Okie roots!