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Industry: Retail, Cycling
Services:  Brand Positioning, Rebrand, Naming, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Creative Services, Event Brand Creation, Promotions, and Brand Building Consulting


The Bicycle Store, Too had a name problem. There were three other retail stores within 15 mile radius with a similar moniker. Even loyal customers mistook a competitor for them. We normally wouldn’t recommend naming a company after someone’s surname. But Steve Schlegel’s larger-than-life, spirited personality was known all over Oklahoma. (And who can forget a name like Schlegel?). A bold and unique mark set the stage for a new brand as memorable as the store’s frontman.

The key attribute we identified was that no matter what kind of rider you are, Schlegel will be able to find the right bike for you. The relocation of the store to historic Automobile Alley was a strong source of inspiration. The retro feel was balanced with a contemporary swagger to attract a wide variety of customers, fit the state-of-the-art services and represent the variety of cycling brands found in the shop.

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