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 Site Tech

Industry: Technology
Services: Brand Positioning, Logo Design

Site Technologies, LLC—known to their customers as “Site Tech”—is an information technology (IT) company providing services to medium- to small-sized businesses. Site Tech’s business is to provide solutions, both product and service based, that save the client money, either through efficiency or reducing IT infrastructure. Site Tech alleviates client stress over technology and operations by handling any issues as they arise. Unlike their jargon spewing competition, Site Tech prides themselves on their ability to communicate with clients at a high level, and therefore ensure that the proper solutions for each client’s needs are implemented.

In visualizing the logo, it was important to make sure the name clients see matched the name they said, as repetition and memory play an important role in brand recognition. We made the mark include the full name Site Technologies, LLC, ensuring any name recognition their full name had was still intact, but made the words “Site Tech” stand out. Since being easy to understand is such an important aspect of their company culture, we make sure anyone could quickly understand from seeing the logo that Site Tech was an IT company, by highlighting the letters “IT” within the word SITE. The brackets around the mark represent programming language, but also make a square around the IT, an abstract representation of a room, and show that Site Tech offers locational IT services.

Since they implemented their new identity, they have become the “it” information technology company in the Indianapolis area.