Thomas Metal Groups logo

creating a market from scrap

Thomas Metals Group

Industry: Manufacturing, Recycling
Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral and Presentation Design

Thomas Metals Group is the premier metal collections/resale company in Oklahoma. Their short history has earned them a reputation for honesty, quality customer service and the highest returns for the client. Thomas Metals Group has taken a product traditionally thought of as waste, scrap metal, and, through a transformation of the traditional business model, has repositioned these metals in their true form–as a global commodity. In direct opposition to their competition, they have provided the client with a transparent business model, adding accountability to the process. Their process ensures clients get optimal returns in the global commodity market on their scrap metal and builds a long-term relationship founded on trust.

The geometric shapes within this mark form a modern day monogram. Thomas Metals Group has developed a modular system for gathering, transporting and reporting for metal recycling. This modular logo represents the organization of different metals or processes. The monogram is a visual representation of the “Mod Boxes” which streamline the sorting of materials and increase the transportation process to market. Its solid, simple structure is masculine, industrial and reflects the bold ideas rooted within the company.

The brand continues to expand through application on company vehicles, leave behind Mod Boxes and collateral materials. The mark has given Thomas Metals Group a professional look that makes us even wish we could somehow recycle metal. Anyone want this lamp?