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Industry: Manufacturing, Fashion
Brand Positioning, Logo Design, Collateral, Brochure, Website

McCubbin Hosiery, a third-generation family owned company, has a rich history of introducing creativity, innovation and new technology to the hosiery industry. They primarily manufacture superior hosiery for women and children, and soft-soled slippers for children. McCubbin supplies both top name brands and private label programs. Strong brands like Stride Rite, Keds, Absorba and New Baby trust McCubbin to maintain quality and creativity in design and product development. These companies rely on McCubbin’s outstanding sourcing capabilities, trademark innovation and respected reputation.

McCubbin was in need of a more modern, sophisticated and consistent brand. We created a brand identity that visually represents a thread becoming the McCubbin “M.” The three lines used to create one letterform represent three generations of family ownership guiding one company, as well as a thread becoming a hosiery product. The vertical lines in the mark are reminiscent of the vertical striations found in a sock. The mark is whimsical and conveys the innovation and creativity McCubbin brings to the trade while still using a traditional letterform mark to represent the company.

Reinventing their brand has been very successful for McCubbin. They have garnered attention from some of the most well-known brands in the country.

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