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Industry: Food & Beverage

Services: Brand Positioning, Customer Personas, Brand Creation, Logo Design, Package Design, Brand Rollout and Implementation, Creative Services, Photography and Video Assets, Media Relations, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Content and Management, Digital Marketing and Brand Maintenance

V2O is the only—and first-to-market—functional beverage company to mass-produce a balsamic infused carbonated water product. V2O is composed of two pure ingredients: vinegar and carbonated water. The product has all the benefits of high-quality vinegar, including probiotics and their positive effects on gut health. Subsequently, they are naturally low in sugar, a healthy replacement for high-calorie drinks such as traditional soda pop or many energy drinks. The V2O team educates consumers about the health benefits of balsamic, serving as leaders in the healthy beverage marketplace.

The icon is comprised of drops of liquid grouped to create a grape bunch, a visual cue to balsamic vinegar’s fruit of origin. The V-shaped formation also mimics rising bubbles/carbonation, visual cues that it is a sparkling beverage. The clean drop shapes and formation feel sporty and healthful, and mirror the V in the name.

The primary typeface is Verlag, a revival modernist typeface, based on Bauhaus aesthetics. The color is a fresh clear blue and the extended palatte is appetizing, cheery and healthful. The palette imbues the introductory fruity flavors of the beverages; V2O Cranberry Pear, V2O Sicilian Lemon, V2O Honey Ginger, V2O Grapefruit and V2O Caracara Orange. These colors play an important role in conveying flavors in the packaging. The hues are bold and energetic, giving an active impression. Pure blue compliments the brighter colors, and can be used as the sole color in specific marketing instances.

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